White Fillings

Kids Get Cavities Too!

99 West Dental knows that getting a cavity filled can be stressful for the parents and children. The drills, numbing, and needles can be too much! So, whenever possible Dr. Parobek will use the Laser to make getting a cavity filled as quick and easy as possible for everyone involved.

Tooth fillings, also known as dental fillings, are the restoration of the tooth using a hardened bonding material which “fills” the area of the tooth that was removed due to decay. Prior to receiving a filling, patients must first have the decay removed, which was traditionally done with a drill. However, with advanced laser technology, no drilling or numbing is necessary and a Laser is used instead.

Traditional fillings used a metal material (amalgam) and were placed in the absent area with a drill, requiring numbing of the mouth that leads to a lot of pain for the patient. It was also discovered that over 50% of the population is allergic to the metal material that contains mercury used in traditional fillings.

99 West Dental uses white fillings, also known as Composite Resin Fillings, instead of metal fillings, which are not only safer for the health of the patient, but can be placed using a Laser which requires little to no anesthesia, and results in minimal bleeding and pain. Dr. Parobek is an experienced dental surgeon who is skilled in the practice of laser treatments.

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