Sedation Options

Safe Sedation Options for Gentle Dental Care

Do you have anxiety when you go to the dentist? Do you put off going to the dentist because it stresses you out? Has a painful past experience caused you to avoid your regular check ups?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have sedation options to make your next dental visit more comfortable than you thought possible. You don't have to dread going to the dentist anymore. No matter how routine or complex your next visit, we can help you with a safe sedation option. Depending on the amount of anxiety you experience, and the procedure you are having, our gentle dentistry option may be right for you.We take great pride in upholding the most safe and effective sedation option to care for our patients.

IV Sedation

IV (Intravenous) Sedation is a conscious sedation technique used for surgical dental procedures and as a solution to coping with anxiety for basic dental care if needed. Also known as sleep dentistry, IV Sedation induces a deep state of relaxation in the patient, but does not actually put the patient to sleep. Patients remain conscious during the procedure and also experience a type of amnesia effect for the time they were under sedation. Due to the amnesia effect, patients will require an escort to take them home after the procedure.

99 West Dental is one of the few dentist offices in the Cincinnati Metro area to offer IV Sedation as an anesthetic option. Dr. Parobek and his staff monitor pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation during the entire procedure. Dr. Parobek is certified in ACLS, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and his entire staff is certified in CPR as well. IV Sedation is very safe when administered and monitored correctly.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

Nitrous Oxide Gas, also known as laughing gas, is one of the most common sedation options used for anxious patients. It can be used in children as well as adults, and is an extremely safe alternative to dental anxiety. The gas is administered with a comfortable mask placed over the nose. After the appropriate dose is administered, the patient is calm and relaxed and the procedure can begin. Once the procedure is complete, the patient is given pure oxygen for a period of time. Unlike IV Sedation, the effects of nitrous oxide gas are usually quickly reversed, and the patient will be free to drive home on their own without an escort.

Prescription Drug Options

In addition to IV Sedation and Nitrous Oxide Gas, 99 West Dental can also administer controlled drugs if needed.

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