Preventive and General Dentistry for Adults

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile is equally as important when you are an adult, as it was when you were a child. Regular exams and cleanings are keys in the prevention of tooth decay. Early cavity detection and plaque removal will prevent oral diseases that lead to more serious defects of the mouth. At 99 West Dental our skilled dental hygienists thoroughly examine and provide gentle touch cleanings to our patients by removing plaque and tartar buildup.

Our doctors and hygienist follow the recommended guidelines of the American Dental Association, (ADA). The ADA and the Surgeon General recommends that patients are examined by their dentist at least every six months. This exam can help our office promote good oral hygiene and identify dental issues before they become painful and expensive problems.

Our goal is to help return every patient to good oral hygiene by offering regular cleanings and education and demonstration so you can continue the good habits at home on your own in between you dental visits.

Dr. Parobek will educate patients on preventive techniques that ensure healthy smiles, and make any recommendations if further work is needed. Dr, Parobek is honest in his approach, and does not make recommendations for unnecessary work. While a healthy mouth is always top priority, Dr. Parobek has the best interest of his patients in mind and will make recommendations that fit within their lifestyle.

Preventative and General Dental Services for Adults include:

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