Pediatric Dentistry

Keeping Beautiful and Healthy Smiles for your Kids

Many parents start their children off right by preparing them for a healthy lifestyle with a balance of routine doctor exams, shots, nutrition, and activity. A healthy smile is equally as important! Going to the dentist at an early age is good way to promote the maintenance of healthy teeth and establish a routine they will follow throughout their life. A child’s first tooth usually erupts between 6-12 months in age.

While we do not recommend a dental visit until age 3, it is still important to begin brushing baby teeth with a soft tooth brush or by finger wipe. Swallowing fluoride toothpaste is not recommended therefore a special infant toothpaste should be purchased. Brands such as Gerber or Baby Orajel are the most popular toothpaste brands and will provide healthy maintenance of your child’s teeth until they are old enough to brush on their own.

Routine pediatric cleanings will prevent tooth decay by detecting and correcting early cavities. At 99 West Dental our experienced and friendly staff will not only do everything possible make your child’s visit a comfortable one, but will educate you as a parent on the important effects of tooth care during your child’s adolescent years.

Dr. Parobek will discuss preventive techniques including what to expect during the dental phases of your child’s growth. Dr, Parobek is honest in his approach, and does not make recommendations for unnecessary work. While a healthy mouth is always top priority, Dr. Parobek also has the best interest of his young patients in mind and will communicate this to the parents as well.

Preventive and General Dental Services for Children include:

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