Laser Cavity Detention

Laser Cavity Detection in Amelia, OH

Decay is the most common oral health problem we see in both children and adults. When it comes to detecting cavities, the sooner we can catch decay the better! This is why it’s important for everyone, from children to seniors, to visit our dental practice every six months for cleanings and checkups. While we can easily spot larger cavities through a physical examination alone, often times we can’t actually catch a cavity with the naked eye until there is extensive damage. Fortunately, we have the latest laser technology that allows us to quickly, easily and painlessly detect decay early on.


Laser cavity detection, also referred to as DIAGNOdent technology, is a handheld device that can gently probe teeth to look for decay. There are many benefits to using this laser cavity detection system:


It’s incredibly accurate

Laser technology is precise and accurate in a way that other forms of technology such as an X-ray are not. Plus, X-rays are only performed once a year, giving any decay time to spread further into the tooth and cause significant damage. By employing our laser cavity detention system, we can easily detect cavities when you come in every six months for your cleaning and checkup. By catching cavities early, we can also preserve more of your natural tooth.


It’s completely safe

The DIAGNOdent system uses light or laser technology, which means that there is absolutely no radiation exposure. This system can be used on all patients, including children and pregnant women without concern of any health risks.


It’s painless

We know our patients will be relieved to discover that this diagnostic tool is also completely painless and non-invasive. You won’t be able to feel the light being directed over your teeth. The process only takes a couple of minutes and can be performed at your next dental cleaning. 

We always offer the latest and most cutting-edge technology and dental treatments here at our Amelia, OH, dental practice. 

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