Dentures ( Partial / Full )

Denture Options that Fit You!

Dentures are prosthetic materials molded to replicate real teeth and used to replace teeth that are missing or have been removed due to severe damage or decay. Dentures come in two forms, partial or full.

Partial dentures
 can be removable or fixed, and are used to fill in an area of missing teeth.

  • Fixed partial dentures, also known as a dental bridge, are typically comprised of two crowns for the teeth on each side, and the prosthetic tooth/teeth in the middle (the bridge).
  • Removable partial dentures do not contain crowns for the surrounding teeth, and are much more affordable than fixed partials (dental bridge). Depending on the number of missing teeth in a row or arch, and the budget of the patient, Dr. Parobek will make the best recommendation for the partial denture that is the best fit.

Full dentures
, also known as complete dentures, are fully removable and can be made for either the upper or lower arch, or both. Full dentures can be made for the patient either immediately or conventionally.

  • Immediate dentures are made prior to removal of the teeth, and are placed in the patient’s mouth immediately after. Some patients prefer the immediate method because they are not without teeth during the healing period. However, due to swelling, there may be more adjustments that are required, and quite possibly even a replacement denture later on.
  • Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been removed and healing has begun. The dentures are placed in the patient’s mouth around 10-12 weeks after removal. Because the patient has had time to heal, the conventional denture is a better fit and requires less adjustment over time.

Many denture wearers are insecure or uncomfortable with their dentures due to slippage, difficulty eating, or even pain. To secure placement of dentures, Dr. Parobek can install Mini Implants for denture stabilization. Mini Implants are placed in the lower jaw after several wells are created throughout the jaw line for implantation. Once completed, the denture is placed over the implant and snaps into place, securing the denture from shifting, all in the same day requiring only 1-2 follow up appointments.

Whether this is a recent issue, or a brand new denture, Dr. Parobek can discuss the implant option that is best for the patient.

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