Filling the Gap for a Beautiful Smile

A Dental Bridge, also known as fixed partial denture, is a bridge used to fill the gap between missing teeth. It is a restoration that can be used to replace a space from missing or extracted teeth.  The teeth on both sides will be crowned with a false tooth in the middle acting as the bridge. During the procedure, typically the teeth on both sides are contoured and shaved to make room for the crown. An impression of the teeth are made and sent to a dental laboratory for a custom bridge design.

A temporary bridge will be provided to the patient to ensure no adjustments in the teeth occur prior to the permanent bridge placement, and to protect the exposed teeth. Once the bridge is received from the laboratory, Dr. Parobek will ensure the bridge is a good fit, and then secure the permanent dental bridge in place using cement like bonding material.

Dental bridges are not only beneficial in maintaining or improving the appearance of your smile, but can prevent the possibility of the current teeth moving out of place, changing the shape of the face, or even affecting the ability to properly chew or speak.  It can also restore lip and facial support.  The bridge is usually permanently cemented so it cannot be easily removed.

Good oral hygiene is important to maintain with bridges. You must continue to brush and floss the bridge and the surrounding teeth in order to maintain the bridge. If proper hygiene is not practiced by the patient a new cavity can form around the bridge and cause the bridge to fail, causing further tooth destruction and tooth loss.

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