Repairing Broken Teeth

Tooth Bonding is a procedure in which the tooth is repaired or filled in with a dental composite material that adheres to the area of the tooth that has been damaged. It is most commonly used for chipped, missing, discolored or asymmetrical teeth, and can also be used to fill in unsightly spaces as well as to add tooth structure to give the appearance of a straighter smile

Tooth bonding is a less expensive and less permanent way to enhance your smile. The surface of the tooth is etched and a bonding agent applied so the material adheres to the surface, then a composite material is placed on the tooth and hardened with intense light. The composite material can be matched to the color of the tooth, and will be shaped and polished for a natural appearance.

Tooth Bonding can be necessary or requested for several reasons including; gaps in teeth, broken or chipped teeth, tooth decay, or for cosmetic reasons.

Bonding can be treated in one visit and can enhance the function and esthetics of you smile. Unfortunately, the resin is not as durable as porcelain veneers and crowns; which makes the bonding more subject to staining and chipping. Bonding is usually replaced every three to five years.

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