Laser Surgery

No Drills...No Numbing

Dental Laser Surgery became instrumental in the 1990’s, and is much more accurate than traditional dental treatments. It is especially beneficial in children’s dentistry since there is no drilling, no numbing, and much less pain involved with tooth fillings and other common dental procedures for children. Lasers can be used in a variety of dental procedures including;

•    Cavity Removal
•    Tooth Fillings
•    Laser Cavity Detection
•    Periodontal Gum Disease
•    Root Canals
•    Dental Implants
•    Cosmetic Dentistry
•    Teeth Whitening
•    Gum Reshaping and Contouring

Dr. Parobek is an experienced Dental Surgeon who uses the latest technology including a Water Laser, which eliminates the heat, pressure, and vibration caused by traditional drills. This also speeds up the patient’s recovery time. Some laser procedures are so minimally invasive that the use of anesthesia may be eliminated completely.