Routine Oral Surgery

One Dentist to for Your Healthy Smile

Dr. Parobek is an experienced Oral Surgeon in the Cincinnati area. He provides expansive dental care that includes general dentistry and oral surgery, therefore eliminating the need for referrals to another office. Dr. Parobek specializes in the correction of various procedures that require oral surgery including; root canals, extractions, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implants.

Oral Surgery can be a very stressful experience for many of our patients. Here at 99 West Dental, we sympathize with our patients and offer various anesthesia options for our dental surgeries. Depending on the procedure our patients’ are having, our sedation options include IV Sedation, Nitrous Oxide Gas, and/or Prescription Medications.

At 99 West Dental, we take great pride in upholding the most safe and effective sedation option to care for our patients.