Preventive & General Dentistry

Maintaining a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Preventative Dentistry and General Dentistry is important in maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile throughout your life. Early preventive care in children is always recommended, and will help shape a routine for dental care. At 99 West Dental, we provide dental care to all ages. Dr. Parobek has had the pleasure of caring for multiple generations of patients and has watched his young patients grow into adults, and bring families of their own to his practice. Dr. Parobek and his experienced staff provide full preventive dental services and treatments including;

•    Cleaning and Exams
•    White Fillings
•    Fluoride Treatments
•    Sealants
•    Bad Breath ( Halitosis ) Treatment Halitosis
•    Peridontic Gum Disease
•    Dentures

For more information about our Adult or Children’s services, please contact us at 513.753.4780 or complete our online contact form.